Saturday, April 18, 2009

REST Services

REST - Respresentation State Transfer is recently been given much importance in the industry. REST is neither a programming language nor a tool. It is an architecture to build the network system.

Microsofts ADO.NET Data Service is build on the REST framework. There are some good webcasts and article about the ADO.NET data service in Microsoft website and its worth watching.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jquery part 2 – Selectors

Jquery API provides an interface called “Selectors” which is a powerful component to filter the HTML elements based on the element name, id and element type.

The DOM elements can be selected with the Jquery function “$” or “jquery”. For example, the hyperlinks in the HTML pages can be retrieved using the selector $(a).

Following are the few examples of sample selectors that are very useful for DOM manipulation.

a – Retrieves all anchor links with the tag < a >.

#DOMElementID – Retrieves the DOM element with the id “DOMID”.

.DOMElementClass – Retrieves the DOM elements with the class “DOMClass”.

P a.DOMElementClass – Retrieves the DOM element links with the class “DOMClass” embedded within the tag < p >.

Ul > Li > a – Retrieves links which are children of list element
  • which are in turn children of < ul >.

    A[href^=http://] – Retrieves links with an href value beginning with http://.

    Div[type=text] – retrieves html text box.

    P:odd – retrieves every odd paragraph elements.

    Li:last-child – retrieves last child < li > of each < ul > element.

    :radio:checked – retrieves radio buttons in the DOM that are checked.

    :checkbox:checked – retrieves checkboxes in the Dom that are checked.

    Input:not(:checkbox) – retrieves input elements from the DOM except checkboxes.