Monday, January 21, 2008

Employee satisfaction (Contd...) – work life balance

Employees should have an attitude of balancing work and personal life. Organizations provide holidays to employees for managing their personal life. Companies understand that if an employee is happy, he/she will be more productive. Most of the companies have vacation policies to enable employees to take paid time off from work and spend quality time with family and friends.
Here is the link to few strategies for work life balance.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Employee satisfaction (Contd..) - Managers role

One of my friends had posted a comment in my previous blog about the employee satisfaction. He said “An employee does not leave organization, but they leave because of their managers”. I have read many articles in the past which stresses the same statement.

The role of the managers doesn’t stop in just getting the work done. Managers, with whom I have worked in the past, had an attitude of focusing on individual growth along with getting the work done.
Their planning included a work product delivery schedule as well as the plan for individual development in the organization. An employee will be more than happy to work with a manager who gives importance to his personal development. This enhances the morale of employee and ultimately leads to improvement in the productivity.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Employee satisfaction (Contd..) - impact on customer satisfaction

Keep your employees highly motivated for better customer satisfaction. Obviously employees will perform better and deliver the best if they are very happy at work. This is the secret to satisfy the customers. Perhaps this is the secret to the success of very great coffee chain shop, Starbucks. The company motivates each of its employees by appreciating their work. I appreciate the way they reward their employees. The reward varies from "Best of employee of the month" to "Best of employee of the week" to "Best Latte maker" to "Fastest till Handler". Their secret to success is, “Keep the customers happy”. We can notice the happiness in each of its employees.

If an employee is happy, he/she will keep the stakeholders happy. The link here sets the context for employee attitude towards customer satisfaction Employee attitude vs Customer satisfaction