Sunday, December 30, 2007

Employee satisfaction (Contd..)

The industries have attained a maturity level, wherein supervisors and managers act like a coach in sports team. One of the responsibilities of the sports coach is to motivate the players to perform better. A coach understands and fixes the errors in the play field. They approach the sportsman as a friend and guide to succeed in the game. They constantly motivate the players to reach higher standards.

Here is the brief interview with NE Partiots Head coach bill Belichick

When asked who the leaders are in the locker room: "Every player that owns a jersey. I think each player is a shareholder on our team. Each player that comes to work with a good attitude, that works hard, that puts the team first and that pays attention to the details, provides leadership in their own way. It doesn't have to be a team speech, they don't have to be a captain, but if they bring that kind of attitude and work ethic to the team, then that's positive leadership. And each one of us has a little slice of that pie and has a little role in it."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Employee satisfaction

A big question in industry today. Does the employee gets satisfied by paying more money? Does the employer need to provide more medical benefits? Does the employer need to provide loans at moderate prices? There is no limit to question but the truthful answer is "it depends on the understanding between the employee and employer". Some employees may be happy with all the benefits that companies provide, but they might not be happy with policies. Some employees may be satisfied with the work but not happy with the benefits. so the underlying fact is that no one can define "What is an employee satisfaction".

Recently industries started few process where in the organization gets the feedback from its employees about the management, HR policies, finance etc., Companies derive a strategic planning to address the issue if there are any, improve the process or policies.

Even sometimes there will be a gap to this approach of attacking the issue of employee satisfaction. One of the approaches that impressed me and followed in industry is having one on one conversation with the employee. I've got a wonderful opportunity to work with managers who always appreciate to resolve the sub ordinates issues. More of these posts to follow ...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Analyse the problem well before attempting to fix it

Its a basic pattern in people, where they jump directly into fixing a problem rather than understanding completely about the problem. This is an interview on the topic Do you really know your problem?. Viewing the problem in different perspective and analysing at big picture provides a better solution almost always.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Powerful Marketing

You are not in the business unless your customers know what you are and what differentiates you from other competitors. A quote from Inc.Com "You may be the greatest company in the world. But if you dont know how to convey it to the customers, You may as well not exist". Inc.Com posted a article on Telling a good story in marketing .

The article stresses the importance of Consistency in marketing strategy and authenticity in what you tell to customers.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Microsoft's MVC pattern

MVC - Model, View and controller pattern is the pattern avaialable in VS2008 Package as a template. The pattern separates the presentation from business objects and its driven by controller. Controllers are set of classes which will interface with "Model" to fetch the business object and will generate the "Views" based on the user request for the page. Controllers are the handler for the page events.
Here is a link for the Scotts description of MVC pattern Link to Scott's MVC blog

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

C# layering of application

Here is the link to good article on C# multi tiered architecture.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Failuer is not the end, rather it is a beginning

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly."
~ Robert F. Kennedy
Quoted from this location

Every time we fail we learn something different which we would have not done if we had succeeded. Never give up.

I have failed so many times when trying to make the program work for specific functionality. But all those failure scenarios are very useful down the line sometime. The extent of happiness and feeling of achieved something gives satisfaction and energy to proceed better.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Giving - book release presentation

The TV show on the book release "Giving" authored by Ex-pres with ubiquitous panel discussion about ruthless power of giving drove me to think about what we have given to others and society.

The author said "You don't need to be richer to do something different, rather you should have the passion and eager to accomplish it." An example quoted by the author”
GE(General Electrical) can make a difference by GIVING, an eco friendly products which doesn’t impact the global warming thereby creating an healthy environment for the next generation" and A 12 year old baby celebrated his birthday by cleaning the beach for more than a mile

Friday, September 14, 2007

Get off your ass, do something – To transform into an entrepreneur

Starting a company doesn’t come without hard work and effort.
Also someone cannot become an entrepreneur, just because he/she wanted to start a business. In my perception, a person should have worked hard to be an entrepreneur.
He/she should have been committed, hardworking and goal oriented.
Should be ready to Get off the ass and do the work. Self motivated towards achieving the goal.

A good quality which most of the entrepreneurs have is the thought process of benefiting the company as well as the community

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Agassi about winning the match

The match semi finals between Federrer and Rodick witnessed the best players of the tennis as audience. Agassi, the eight grand slam winner, in his commentry had said "Its not important that you should be playing a good, its more of playing better than the opponent. Identify the weak areas and make it positive to win."

I hope federrer is the best match for his statement. In his match against Lopez, though he didnt serve very hard aces, he managed to outperform and entered to semis.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

ASP.NET findControl usage in Master page

In our project we had a real time scenario of capturing the control at runtime in the User Control and setting the property for that. The page design is as follows. There is a master page and content page. The content page has a user control and few div . At runtime the user control has to identifiy one of the Div's in the content page and set the property for that page.

To capture the div in the user control
use the following.
Control cr = (Control)this.Parent.FindControl(DIVName)

KeyWords : UserControl, FindControl, MasterPage, ContentPage

Nadal the star

An astounishing champion with good power to hit the shots.
He never loses his confidence and energy in favour of the opponent.
The splendid match between Nadal and Ferrer, with a three set defeat by ferrer was an unforgettable moment for me in tennis history.

Tennis has become a fast moving and power hitting game.
In the US open i had noticed players serving in a very fast pace.
The speed varied between 120-150.

The second serve speed at 142 m/hr by Roddick against Federrer is hard to believe and attempt.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Federrer Vs Lopez

The long weekend holidays got over and i had a nice 3 days holiday to relax and rest myself from work. I was watching tennis in channel USA. A wonderful game between Lopez and federrer.

An amazing first set won by lopez against federrer. Federrer came back to the set with good confidence and defeated lopez. Almost most of the Aces in the match were served at a speed more than 130 m/h. The one which i admire was the second serve by lopez at the speed of 180m/h which federrer didn't even tried to attempt. The young lopez lost confidence when the federrer took the first set in the second round with four consecutive aces.
The aggressive lopez has a very good talent to become a champion. I am very sure with a good practice and confidence he can do wonders in tennis.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Stop bothering and worrying

I would like to share my personal experience about bothering and worrying about things in our day to day life.

first i want to share the impacts of worrying
1. we will loose concentration - we keep on thinking about the things which will spoil the day or days altogather. At the end of the day if you question yourself what you have achieved, the answer would be probably "nothing".
STOP worrying

2. we will get distracted - what we achieve by worrying is, a lack of concentration. we will get distracted to an extent which will have an adverse effect in our work, personal life.
Stop worrying

3. we will loose our valuable time which could have been utilized in a better way.

4. We will loose our sound night sleep without which its difficult to focus on the key tasks.

Ways to get yourself free from worries

1. Focus on activities which distracts in the positive direction.
2. having freinds who will make us to laugh louder. I am very sure we will feel fresh and energetic after bright and sound laughter. Watching comic movies is also the best excercise.
3. Getting interested into one of the sports.
4. The environment has a major influence.

Always we have look back at our life. There should not have been a single instance where you would have succeded by worrying.

will keep updating this ........

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How to be decisive

Whatever the position we are at, we need to choose between alternative course of action in several times.
From my point of view being decisive is a acquired skill. few practices to build the skills are

> practice deciding for small things. by winning there, we gain more confidence and take our own time to think about things that really matters us.
> firm on choices. whether its right or not, decide and select.
> once decided, remove all possible options. thinking about "what could have been" or "what should have been" confuse the mind
>try to succeed in the decision.
>be strong and confident.


woolmer's comments in his last interview

"I try not to make too many decisions on disappointing days, you know, because those are, they tend to be negative decisions, and you can't, and disappointment, you know, means you get negative.
"When you make negative decisions about your future, I don't think it's very good."

I really admire those sentences. I spent few mins thinking about the woolmer's view. Its kindaaa suggestion. my mind conjured with many of my past moments.

On a disappointing day, rather than taking a quick decision it would be better to work on something which will ameliorate our confidence.

ASP.NET 2.0 Site Map Provider

Under construction

SiteMap Provider is one of the best features available in .NET2.0 framework.
This enables a fantastic site navigation with less coding effort.

Thanks to Scott for his wonderful post on SiteMap Providers

Keywords: ASp.NET2.0 features, Site Map Provider, Site Map provider


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