Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Stop bothering and worrying

I would like to share my personal experience about bothering and worrying about things in our day to day life.

first i want to share the impacts of worrying
1. we will loose concentration - we keep on thinking about the things which will spoil the day or days altogather. At the end of the day if you question yourself what you have achieved, the answer would be probably "nothing".
STOP worrying

2. we will get distracted - what we achieve by worrying is, a lack of concentration. we will get distracted to an extent which will have an adverse effect in our work, personal life.
Stop worrying

3. we will loose our valuable time which could have been utilized in a better way.

4. We will loose our sound night sleep without which its difficult to focus on the key tasks.

Ways to get yourself free from worries

1. Focus on activities which distracts in the positive direction.
2. having freinds who will make us to laugh louder. I am very sure we will feel fresh and energetic after bright and sound laughter. Watching comic movies is also the best excercise.
3. Getting interested into one of the sports.
4. The environment has a major influence.

Always we have look back at our life. There should not have been a single instance where you would have succeded by worrying.

will keep updating this ........

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