Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Golf experience

My Friend Dr.Raj has been coaching me on Golf fundamentals. I was given instructions to practice easy swing with shoulder movement. On the first day i was practicing to hit nice and easy swing shots covering 80-100 yards. On the second day, Raj gave me the instructions to do putting and chipping. The third day, i was graduated to hit on the 9 hole course with 87-120 yards. I got a par on 110 yards, a birdie on 90 yards and rest of them are boogies. I was so excited when I got birdie on 90 yards. My shots were so powerful that I was able to reach 110 yards with pitching wedge. Since I was hitting 10 yards extra with the regular clubs, Raj advised me to take one club less to reach the target green.


Jade said...

Motta G...l awesome man !!!

Mohan Babu said...

Thanks frined!!! Some basics i learned are Easy swing, dont look at the ball, hit the ball first and then ground.