Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maximizing Revenue - Web2.0 & Business Process Management

I had a great holidays and had great time with family & freinds. There were great deals in the internet for electronics, clothes, furniture etc., etc., Companies were desparate to unwind the winter stuffs like cashmere, heaters, christmas lights to refill the rackspace with the goods needed for Spring. It was so insane to see the products priced less than 60% of actual retail price and we browsed through few websites to pick some household products.

While browsing through the internet i started to think about Web 2.0, Business process, System Integration, System availability, Business Continuity, Customer Satisfaction, faster time to market, more and more!!!..

To a corporate person all these different terms means the single concept, "Maximize Revenue". I am planning to post a series of article on this business concept "Maximize Revenue" linking it to a IT process.

I talked about a web2.0 & business process management in one of my earlier blogs posted here.

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