Thursday, December 27, 2007

Employee satisfaction

A big question in industry today. Does the employee gets satisfied by paying more money? Does the employer need to provide more medical benefits? Does the employer need to provide loans at moderate prices? There is no limit to question but the truthful answer is "it depends on the understanding between the employee and employer". Some employees may be happy with all the benefits that companies provide, but they might not be happy with policies. Some employees may be satisfied with the work but not happy with the benefits. so the underlying fact is that no one can define "What is an employee satisfaction".

Recently industries started few process where in the organization gets the feedback from its employees about the management, HR policies, finance etc., Companies derive a strategic planning to address the issue if there are any, improve the process or policies.

Even sometimes there will be a gap to this approach of attacking the issue of employee satisfaction. One of the approaches that impressed me and followed in industry is having one on one conversation with the employee. I've got a wonderful opportunity to work with managers who always appreciate to resolve the sub ordinates issues. More of these posts to follow ...

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usha said...

First of all, If you are talking about the big question, it should have been - What is employee satisfaction? You need to re-frame it. But i agree with (no one can define employee satisfaction). The organization can only have employee friendly, beneficial policies and learn as they grow to constantly better the exising policies and environment.

It is a two way street though. The employee should also wipe out the thought that an organization is a "Welfare State", and need to put in their effort to make the environment more condusive.