Sunday, December 30, 2007

Employee satisfaction (Contd..)

The industries have attained a maturity level, wherein supervisors and managers act like a coach in sports team. One of the responsibilities of the sports coach is to motivate the players to perform better. A coach understands and fixes the errors in the play field. They approach the sportsman as a friend and guide to succeed in the game. They constantly motivate the players to reach higher standards.

Here is the brief interview with NE Partiots Head coach bill Belichick

When asked who the leaders are in the locker room: "Every player that owns a jersey. I think each player is a shareholder on our team. Each player that comes to work with a good attitude, that works hard, that puts the team first and that pays attention to the details, provides leadership in their own way. It doesn't have to be a team speech, they don't have to be a captain, but if they bring that kind of attitude and work ethic to the team, then that's positive leadership. And each one of us has a little slice of that pie and has a little role in it."

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